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SUSAN SKINNER / FIBULA STUDIO creates jewelry and decorative objects using Sterling silver and other metals, found and repurposed objects, and unusual semi-precious stones. All work is designed by Susan and is crafted in our studio.


Established in 1987 and located in Albuquerque New Mexico, SUSAN SKINNER / FIBULA STUDIO is pleased to have our jewelry represented by select galleries and shops in the United States and internationally.


"Although I did not begin making jewelry until I was in my late twenties, I have been interested in ethnic adornment for most of my life.  As a self-taught jeweler I have combined my long time interest in buttons and found objects to create work that is influenced by my studies in anthropology and global folk art.

“I am particularly intrigued by the Northwest Coast Indians’ use of buttons as emblems of social standing. What was originally a strictly functional trade item became a status symbol for the indigenous peoples who would sew buttons on blankets in order to display them as a show of wealth. This use of an object out of its original context has been an ongoing theme in my work.

“As an avid gleaner at flea markets and yard sales, I have amassed a great deal of found object materials: among them- rulers, buttons, postcards, lithographed tin cans and gaming tokens. The components used to make the jewelry on this web site have been collected over the past 30 years.

“I attempt to follow a less traditional form of jewelry making- that is, giving additional life as ornamentation to items typically discarded after their intended usage. As well, I try to do my part to reuse materials that might otherwise end up in the land fill.

“Living in the Southwest I am surrounded by the long history of Native American silversmithing- a tradition which I greatly admire. I am attempting in my work to reflect attributes of this tradition- simplicity of style and technique, respect for materials and a search for harmony in one’s work rather than for perfection.”


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